Assault Webbing Multicam®

Assault Webbing Multicam®

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Assault webbing combines all the best features of our Hybrid system enabling more pouches and an extremely stable rig. All pouches are fully upgraded with PVC lining and storm hoods. The belt order provides the versitility of MOLLE end sections to enable ammunition customisation and retain fixed utility pouches.


Features a uniquely jointed hip pad using closed cell foam to pad and protect the operator. All pouches are sewn directly onto the hip pad in a way which utilises the natural curvature of the body when being worn, and does not reduce the volume of the pouch or the usability. This promotes stability and comfort as well as optimising load bearing capabilities. Designed and built in the UK, to Mil-Spec.

LRP webbing is our latest version, featuring a range of upgrades to allow the operator the best possible configuration of webbing. These features include PVC lined pouches for increased rigidity, robustness and longevity. Storm hoods to provide extra protection for the contents of the pouches from dust & moisture. Finally the clips are upgraded to fixed clips, enabling quick one handed opening & closure of the pouch.

MOLLE Panels on the left and right hand sides, allowing complete customisation for the operator, whilst retaining all benefits of having fixed/tailored webbing. (MOLLE Panel is 4 strips wide, suitable for all ammo pouches, and most standard ammo pouches)

A roll pin buckle closure ensures quick and easy adjustment to the operator's waist. Features field tested polymer Fixed Female Clips. 6 polymer D-Rings allow all of our range of yokes to be added to build the ultimate in belt order setup. For the ultimate in comfort the hip pad is lined with space tech mesh.

MOLLE strips on all utility pouch sides, and lids for fixing a bayonet frog/FFD/Frag/Smoke and Dump Pouches to ensure the operator is field ready.

  • Lifetime Manufacturers warranty.
  • 4 Pouch set is designed to fit a 29' to 32' waist.
  • 5 Pouch set is designed to fit a 33' to 38' waist.
  • Yoke Not Included.